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Land Rover Display

Brief Overview

Solution Providers to Industry and Manufacturing

Here at Mid-Anglia Engineering Ltd we excel at delivering a complete solution service from concept to conclusion.

Since our formation in 1970 we have achieved an unparalleled level of success through our specifically designed solutions meeting industries’ requirements and more. We have provided over 1,200 tailor made solutions

Our clients range from small family concerns, through National Companies and Local Authorities, to some of the largest Multi-national Corporations.

We work closely with our clients, who know their business best, defining their requirements, identifying their goals, engineering and commissioning hardware and software to surpass their expectations. We appreciate the importance of commercial confidentiality

Project Management

Top Project management is the key to the successful completion of projects on time and on budget. Mid-Anglia Engineering Ltd have now designed and built over 1000 special purpose machines. Many of these have been integrated into process lines or have launched a new car at a motor show where “dead lines” can’t be moved. We have a wealth of information and resources to call on. Use our experience for your success.

CAD Design

We have the latest CAD systems manned by very experienced, practical designers and engineers. Their knowledge covers all the major disciplines and control systems used on machines. With over 1000 projects completed we have a first class track record. Mid-Anglia Engineering Ltd have their own comprehensive manufacturing facility. Customers often ask us to build a prototype and produce an initial batch to test the market.

Machining and fabrication

Our modern, well equipped machine shop is manned by skilled staff who have the capacity to meet most customers demands.

Precision fabrication is one of our specialities. We have facilities to weld steels, stainless steel and aluminium.Our fabrication and machine assembly shop has a 3 ton overhead crane to handle larger jobs.



If it’s PLC control on a hydraulic power pack you want, then we can do it.

Our motor show vehicle display rigs incorporate variable speed drives, profibus data system, hydraulic actuation and links to in car systems. With air suspension we can even control the car ride height dynamically.

We will design and build a single panel on a complete integrated system

Site Installation

Our machines have been installed by our engineers in most European countries, North America and the Far East.

Our vehicle displays have been to most of the worlds major motor shows. The installation and set up is normally carried out by Mid-Anglia staff. On the industrial side we have recently moved a high tech process line from Naples to Manchester and re-commissioned it.

Service and maintenance

We have always offered a “second to none” service to customers with Mid-Anglia Engineering Ltd machines.Now this service is available to customers with non Mid-Anglia Engineering Ltd machines. Our skills used to design and manufacture machines can now be used to repair them and optimise performance. Our database can often find that spare you need and our machine shop can often make that part you just can’t get.